How It Works 

Imoveit offer UK consumers and businesses a low cost, eco friendly alternative to the way they transport goods within the United Kingdom. We utilise the empty vehicle space of motorists going that way, allowing you to make substantial savings and go green at the same time.

For everyday motorists and existing couriers, we offer a viable way of getting paid for journeys you already make, in short we offer a win / win situation as everyone is always looking for ways to save and make money...(Daily


PayPal, Moneybookers
We found a delivery driver short notice and were delighted with the service provided
Oxfam shops
Reclaim fuel costs whilst helping out other members, makes sense.
AM Couriers - (Kent)
Fantastic prices and a great service, thanks imoveit
B Hall (Birmingham)
Furniture delivery for a fraction of the price....
Marion (Manchester)
A breath of fresh air, We received 5 quotes within 3 hours of listing a shipment...
Burger King (Southampton)