Listing a shipment

We offer a Low cost, Eco friendly alternative to the way we transport goods in and around the United Kingdom. In order to take advantage of these saving's, and utilise the empty boot space of motorists going that way, simply list your shipment for free on our database.

Your shipment listing should include item(s) location - destination and vehicle required to deliver goods. For example, Location - London, Destination - Manchester, Vehicle required - Luton van. 

By inputting these three basic criteria, motorists going that way in correct vehicle size are able to bid for your delivery.

You are also able to include pictures of shipment, time frame for delivery and a maximum price limit for service required. The move-it-now price is optional and will offer drivers a one off price for delivery that will end auction early. **Please note the longer you advertise your shipment, the more likely you are to receive multiple bids for delivery service...

Receiving bids

Bids will be sent to you via email and sms text message, you are under NO obligation to accept any of these bids for delivery, but will be required to pay a 10% deposit to chosen delivery driver via our secure payment gateway.  This system has been implemented for your security, and acts as a deposit in case driver is let down.

Accepting a bid

To accept any bid, please log into your account, go into your advert listing and open the "List of bids" tab.  You can accept any of these bids by clicking on the auction hammer "Accept" icon.  Please make sure you have checked drivers feedback prior to accepting  bid, if multiple bids have been placed on your shipment, the lowest price is not necessarily the best option!

Paying initial deposit to driver

In order to pay the initial 10% deposit to your delivery driver, please go into your account, open the "My shipment" tab and click on the "Pay driver" button, you will then be directed to our secure payment gateway where you can make payment via Paypal or Moneybookers.

Receiving your goods and leaving feedback

Provided you are happy with the service you can make payment balance and rate the driver on their overall performance.  Please note the driver should have a signed delivery note that takes account of any defects on pick up.  In order to leave feedback, go into your advert listing, open the "List of bids" tab and click on "rate"  Drivers are rated on a 0 - 5 star basis (5 being highly rated).

PayPal, Moneybookers
Fantastic prices and a great service, thanks imoveit
B Hall (Birmingham)
Furniture delivery for a fraction of the price....
Marion (Manchester)
Reclaim fuel costs whilst helping out other members, makes sense.
AM Couriers - (Kent)
A breath of fresh air, We received 5 quotes within 3 hours of listing a shipment...
Burger King (Southampton)
We found a delivery driver short notice and were delighted with the service provided
Oxfam shops