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How to find suitable deliveries

We have been created to help the everyday motorist, offering a viable way of getting paid for journeys you are already making.  Provided you have registered with us, click on search local shipments and input your location, destination and vehicle size.

Bidding for deliveries

After you have filtered your search, deliveries that fall in line with travel path and vehicle size will appear.

Please read the advert listing fully and where possible contact the sender prior to placing bid(s).  The move-it-now function is only available to verified drivers, a simple verification process in order to prove the carriers identity.

Winning a delivery job

Provided the sender accepts your bid for delivery, a 10% deposit will be paid to you via our secure payment gateway ,(Paypal or Moneybookers), depending on how you opted for payment to be received when registering with us.

Delivering goods and receiving feedback from sender

After you have received the initial deposit you are free to conduct delivery.  Please make sure you have 2 printed delivery notes and have any defects signed for by the person at "Pick up" address.  Delivery notes are obtained by clicking on the"Delivery note" button at the top of advert listing.

Provided the sender is happy with your delivery service, they will pay the outstanding balance and rate you on the service you have provided them with. The rating system is based on a 0 - 5 star basis, (5 stars being highly rated).

Receiving new shipment notifications

New shipments listings will be sent to you via email, verified users will also receive new shipment notifications via sms text message.

Receiving new shipment listings via SMS text

Verified users are able to set up text alerts to their mobile phone and stay up to date with new deliveries without having to go online!  In order to add or change sms alert settings, please click on "Edit account" and open the "SMS admin" tab, alerts can be personalized.

PayPal, Moneybookers
Fantastic prices and a great service, thanks imoveit
B Hall (Birmingham)
Reclaim fuel costs whilst helping out other members, makes sense.
AM Couriers - (Kent)
We found a delivery driver short notice and were delighted with the service provided
Oxfam shops
Furniture delivery for a fraction of the price....
Marion (Manchester)
A breath of fresh air, We received 5 quotes within 3 hours of listing a shipment...
Burger King (Southampton)