Pick up postcode SA15 1PE
Delivery postcode LS25 6FN
Pick up from date: 2017-09-08
Deliver by date: 2017-09-08
Weight: 800kgs
Vehicle Required: Vehicle Towing
Auction Type: public
Auction ID: : 2010001274831
Open to Offers
No. Bids: 3
Lowest Bid: £298.00

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Telephone: 07766287689
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Bid Description
kit car car is complete and rolling but will not start

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PayPal, Moneybookers
Reclaim fuel costs whilst helping out other members, makes sense.
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Fantastic prices and a great service, thanks imoveit
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Furniture delivery for a fraction of the price....
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We found a delivery driver short notice and were delighted with the service provided
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A breath of fresh air, We received 5 quotes within 3 hours of listing a shipment...
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