Belfast / Butler Sink Twyfords L

Pick up postcode IP5 3UQ
Delivery postcode SY10 8QA
Pick up from date: 2018-04-26
Deliver by date: 2018-05-21
Weight: 90kgs
Width: 62cms
Height: 30cms
Length: 92cms
Vehicle Required: Luton Van
Auction Type: public
Auction ID: : 2010001275184
Open to Offers
No. Bids: 1
Lowest Bid: £150.00

Sender Info

User: clare_dianne
Telephone: 07885372282
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Bid Description
Don't know the weight of this so given an approximate weight but it is heavy. Would be best for someone already coming from Ipswich to Shrewsbury area. No rush on timescale

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We found a delivery driver short notice and were delighted with the service provided
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A breath of fresh air, We received 5 quotes within 3 hours of listing a shipment...
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Fantastic prices and a great service, thanks imoveit
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